“30 By 30” The time is now!

Mokelumne Wilderness Area, California
photo by Paul Hughes

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We have an unique opportunity to speak out right now in favor of protecting California forests, wildlands and waters under the visionary "30 By 30" campaigns now underway at both the state and federal levels.

These sweeping and long-overdue efforts would protect and preserve at least 30 percent of the state's and nation's lands and coastal waters by 2030.

California already is arguably in the forefront of this effort. Last August Forests Forever issued an alert about Assembly Bill 3030, which was introduced to address growing awareness worldwide of loss of species and habitat due mainly to global warming and human encroachment.

Last August many of you took action calling for bold "30 By 30" conservation measures embodied in the bill. If you were one of those who spoke out thank you! Just two months later California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N-82-20, initiating a process of identifying candidate lands and waters for protection in the Golden State.

Then in January President Joe Biden announced his administration's aim to set aside "30 By 30" at the national level.

While an array of California lands and waters will need to be conserved to achieve the goal, we are focusing attention on three areas for special emphasis in your correspondence—areas for which we have campaigned, with your help, over the years:

Jackson State Forest in Mendocino County, the Mattole River watershed in Humboldt County, and California's Inventoried Roadless Areas on its national forests.

Contact state officials today and urge them to take decisive action to protect these and other California conservation lands today to get us to 30 percent saved by 2030!

Take Action
For the forests,

Paul Hughes
Executive Director
Forests Forever

Your contribution today will help California's forests thrive!



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