Save Jackson Forest Publicly owned redwoods' highest value is in preservation

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Just 120 miles north of San Francisco lies a large area of redwood forest threatened with intensive logging.

But what makes Jackson State Forest different from the thousands of acres of privately owned redwood timberlands surrounding it, which have been cutover since the California Gold Rush?

The answer is that Jackson Forest is owned by all Californians. And the entity in charge of this resource-extraction campaign is not a private company, but rather a state agency—CalFIRE—the same body entrusted with protecting the natural resource values of Jackson and other California forests, safeguarding them under the state's environmental laws.

Please contact state officials today and urge them to halt the logging plans slated at Jackson State Forest. Jackson's greatest value lies in providing a myriad of recreational, wildlife, and other values, not just timber.

CalFIRE has put forth two Timber Harvesting Plans (THPs) now of urgent concern.

The 550-acre Mitchell Creek THP encompasses most of the creek's headwaters and poses extreme risks of erosion and siltation to the recovering salmon stream, home to rare species such as the Pacific Giant Salamander.

The nearby Little North Fork THP, at 448 acres, would necessitate removal of some 3000 dump trucks of soil, even though most of the area is rated as Moderate to High Erosion Hazard. The water quality of the Big River is under imminent threat from this plan.

Along with local citizens groups and North Coast allies Forests Forever is challenging these logging plans, with potentially more confrontations to come.

Please take action and contact state officials today to urge them to stop this logging at Jackson State Forest!

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For the forests,

Paul Hughes
Executive Director
Forests Forever

Your contribution today will help California's forests thrive!


  • This 31-second video, "CalFIRE—What are You Demonstrating Here?", brings home CalFIRE's destructive management of Jackson State Forest.
  • Redwoods are the best trees of all in sequestering carbon. Check out this argument for leaving trees in the ground.
  • Our ally Mendocino Trail Stewards recommend writing formal THP comments. More information is here.

Forests Forever:
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John J. Berger

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