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Climate Crisis!


• Impacts of Climate Change on California Forests

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• Forests and Climate Change

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Photo by Aeolus CrowlawLet's ensure agencies protect, direct,
and use the funds properly

No clearcuts in California!


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Our mission: To protect and enhance California forests and wildlife habitat
through educational, legislative and electoral activities

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The Watershed - Summer, 2010Inside the Summer 2010 issue of The Watershed:

• Down to the wire on key forestry bills AB 2575 and AB 1504.
• Restoration bumps up the bottom line.
• Forest protocols on hold over clearcuts.
• Richard Gienger: A restoration-era hero.
• Richardson Grove:
Trucks vs. redwoods in Humboldt County.

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Chainsaws in the cathedral

A photo presentation by Martin Litton






Jackson Forest plan
On January 9, 2008, the California Board of Forestry voted 8 to 1 to approve a new management plan for Jackson State Forest.

Act to Save America's Forests would change administration of Sequoia National Monument

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DECEMBER 12, 2012: It's Time to Ban Clearcutting!

MARCH 2, 2012: SB 455: A giant leap backward for forests!

JANUARY 2, 2012: Forests Forever posts forest gains in 2011!

DECEMBER 27, 2011: Urge Chesbro to free timber-monitoring bill!

NOVEMBER 21, 2011: Roadless Rule victory protects wild forests!

NOVEMBER 8, 2011: Habitat expert Britting onto forestry board!

OCTOBER 24, 2011: State subsidizes logging $18 million a year!

AUGUST 11, 2011: Clearcuts threaten Battle Creek salmon-run restoration!

JULY 25, 2011: Now is the time to fix the flawed forest protocol!

JULY 5, 2011: Forests Forever endorses Board of Forestry candidates

JUNE 21, 2011: Timber watchdog bill AB 2005 gets a reprieve

JUNE 3, 2011: Speak up for the Forest Land Recovery Act now!

DECEMBER 31, 2010: Stealth cut to forest monitor unacceptable

DECEMBER 29, 2010: Forest gains in 2009-10 bode well for 2011

DECEMBER 27, 2010: Cap & trade must not promote clearcutting!

DECEMBER 22, 2010: Let's expose Sequoia National Monument logging plan in 2011.

DECEMBER 2010: Tell Air Resources Board not to allow carbon offsets for forest clearcutting!

NOVEMBER 2010: e-Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 6: California forests win strong advocates in Nov. 2010 election: Almost all Forests Forever-backed candidates sweep into office. Voters split on forest-friendly ballot propositions: They back budget sanity and CO2 controls but not parks fee. AB 1504 a welcome victory in a rough season: Governor's signature a rare concession to forests defenders.

OCTOBER 2010: Governor misses his chance to protect salmon. Veto of AB 2575 and demise of SB 539 imperil fisheries.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2010: Governor signs Forests Forever's AB 1504! "Carbon Sink Act" becomes state law!

SEPTEMBER 3, 2010: Legislature passes Forests Forever's AB 2575!

AUGUST 9, 2010: Forests Forever's "The Watershed," Summer 2010.

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Clearcuts, Swamp Creek watershed, Calaveras County

Find out about Forests Forever's campaigns to protect federal forestlands in California. A gathering of information on national forests and BLM-managed forestlands.

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