Recovering but weak: Strengthen NEPA!

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What is arguably the most important pillar of American environmental law has narrowly survived the Trump administration.

Now the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) stands a chance not just to recover but to emerge stronger and more resilient than before.

This won't happen, though, without action by concerned citizens such as yourself.

Urge your public officials to act briskly in bringing NEPA back to its full effect—and to strengthen and extend its most-effective provisions.

As you may know, many thousands of Americans—including many members of Forests Forever—spoke out forcefully in favor of saving NEPA when it was under assault last year. If you were one of those who wrote, called, emailed, or donated to make this happen, thank you!

But before it was rescued NEPA took a big hit: Its full recovery is fraught with challenges and by no means certain unless we speak loudly for the landmark law's strengthening without delay.

Enacted in 1970 NEPA has ensured that millions of Americans had a voice in making sure that environmentally impactful projects were made less costly and damaging, to people and ecosystems. This has included national forest projects bearing on logging, roadbuilding, oil and gas drilling, rivers, wildlife habitat, recreation, and more.

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden on Jan. 20 signed an executive order requiring a review of the status of NEPA. But a long road lies ahead, and we must speak up to keep NEPA on the administration's radar.

Contact your public officials today and urge them to take expeditious action to restore and strengthen the National Environmental Policy Act.

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For the forests,

Paul Hughes
Executive Director
Forests Forever

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