Save old-growth forests! Biden's goal needs a boost

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An unusual opportunity to help save America's increasingly rare and valuable old-growth forests recently has emerged.

Your letters will help maximize this chance to save an essential biological resource—for climate moderation, to prevent biodiversity loss, to increase water storage and purification, and much more.

Take action now to bolster this key step in saving old-growth forests from destruction and degradation.

President Joe Biden recently signed Executive Order (EO) 14072 calling for a science-based strategy to save these unique and disappearing forests across the country. But the order is essentially an outline, lacking content necessary to maximize its scope and positive impact.

Forests Forever is among the Forest Carbon Coalition member groups that have sent a letter to Biden Administration officials, calling on them to take additional steps to shore up the EO. Under our Resources section at the bottom of this alert you can read our letter, as well as peruse further details.

The EO is a major step in the right direction but needs strengthening in the following areas: placing an actual moratorium on destroying or degrading these unique ecosystems (as we have long called for); expanding specific protections to less-mature forests that will grow into the old-growth of the future; and taking into scope all the threats to the forest biome, including but not limited to global warming, off-road vehicle use, fossil fuel extraction projects, grazing, and roadbuilding.

It is imperative that the new policies resulting from this EO make it clear that logging will not, as some interest groups argue, protect old-growth forests from wildfire.

An executive order is only as strong as it is shaped to become by the concerned citizens who support it. Write your letter today for conserving old-growth forests.

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For the forests,

Paul Hughes
Executive Director
Forests Forever

Your contribution today will help California's forests thrive!


  • President Biden's Executive Order 14072 sets forth the goal of conserving the country's mature and old-growth forests.
  • Read the Forest Carbon Coalition's letter to senior Biden Administration officials here.
  • Here's a good page detailing what makes an old-growth forest special.
  • Read the views concerning the Biden EO of two respected scientists in forests and ecology.

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