Logging-reform pilot project soon to roll out amid hope, concerns


After years of advocacy work, legislation, and grassroots organizing California's first forestry-reform pilot project is about to get underway. There's much reason to hope for a positive outcome.

For one thing, Forests Forever's forest policy advocate Richard Gienger has been selected as one of the initial 11 persons seated on the Pilot Project Working Group that will oversee the project. It is set to get underway Dec. 15 in Fort Bragg and should wrap up in about two years.

Geographic focus of the pilot project will be the Campbell Creek watershed within the larger Ten Mile River basin in Mendocino County.

A successful outcome of the pilot project will be to take the current "Tower of Babel" collection of data sets, scientific methods, and terminology and make them consistent, accessible, and usable in understanding and better regulating logging's heavy impacts on land, water, and wildlife.

Please give generously so Forests Forever can keep moving ahead with this vital work!

This and forestry pilot projects to follow (possibly as many as three more) would never have come about without the thousands of letters, emails, phone calls, and hearing comments and the financial support of Forests Forever's supporters over many years!

Gienger, a respected watershed-restoration expert, will be joined by environmental, fisheries and tribal representatives, as well as members of the timber industry.

"All in all we feel encouraged by the makeup of the initial 11-member panel," said Paul Hughes, Executive Director of Forests Forever. "We'll need to stay on our toes to make sure the process goes forward with the kind of integrity, public participation, and transparency that is needed."


For the forests,

Paul Hughes
Executive Director
Forests Forever


  • Forests Forever's most-recent e-Alert on the pilot projects / timber regulatory reform effort. Your letters improved the approach of the pilot project to its task, and the makeup of its guiding panel.
  • Here's the website describing the Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Program created and funded by A.B. 1492.
  • The latest Concept Paper, which describes how the Pilot Project will be set up and conducted. Dated May 25, 2016, it reflects many of our comments from the previous draft.
  • A map of the Campbell Creek Planning Watershed is here.
  • And this map depicts how the Campbell Creek watershed was logged from 1997 to 2015 (scroll down to the Campbell Creek basin map). "Evenaged management" refers to clearcutting. The other watersheds depicted here were also-rans in the pilot project selection process.
  • Here is Forests Forever's detailed comment letter on the previous pilot project concept paper. Quite a few of our comments were adopted.

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