True logging eform is within our grasp!

Take Action to protect California's forests now!

Speak out today to make sure agency officials get it right!

As the launch draws near of long-sought-after pilot projects aimed at reforming California's industry-slanted logging rules, we are pleased to report that citizen emails and public comments have moved us closer to our goal! Another strong push is now needed to finish the job!

Your email message today can help us achieve our key objective: meaningful overhaul of the state's logging rules by a broad-based team of stakeholders free of timber industry control.

Take action now!

The beginning point of this reform effort is to conduct "foundational" pilot projects—essentially, careful on-the-ground measurements and experiments on selected California forest sites.
  On Dec. 15, 2015, in Ukiah, state government officials conducted the second in a series of public workshops to garner citizen input on the objectives and management of the first pilot project and possibly of several additional pilot projects as well.

The initial project is slated to roll out in early 2016–time is short for further public input!

If you wrote, attended meetings, or spoke up by phone on this issue, congratulations!  Agency officials that had flatly dismissed the need for pilot projects a year ago have come around!

But several key elements still are missing from the design of the pilot projects.

Take Action to protect California's forests now!

It is critical that the pilot projects produce not only a more efficient system for timber harvest review, but more importantly, effective regulation—to ensure real protection of soils, water quality, wildlife habitat, and more!

Help us ensure that the citizens of California get the timber rules we are paying for and have a right to expect!

Send your message today!

For the forests,

Paul Hughes
Executive Director
Forests Forever


  • Read Forests Forever advocate Richard Gienger's and Executive Director Paul Hughes' comment letters on the latest pilot projects concept paper here and here.
  • Check out Richard's latest "Forest and River News: column here.
  • Click here to view a color map of the pilot project watersheds under consideration. Speak up for the Upper Usal!
  • Click here to get up to speed on the California Natural Resources Agency's landmark Timber Regulation and Forest Restoration Program, of which the pilot projects are an element.
  • Read the latest Draft Concept Paper (12/2/15) describing the goals, objectives, and guidance for the pilot project rollout, set for early 2016.

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