Forests Forever 2015 Video Posts

  2. Unacceptable Risk – Firefighters on the Front Lines of Climate Change from The Story Group on Vimeo.

  3. Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

  4. Introduction to Martin Litton from "River Runners of the Grand Canyon" 1994 from Don Briggs on Vimeo.
    Sequel to the multi award-winning film which helped kick oil companies out of the Amazon. 20 years later Big Oil is back!

  6. Forests Forever spent 2014 locked in a momentous struggle to fully realize what is our latest—and could be our last—great opportunity to thoroughly overhaul California’s broken system that regulates logging practices.
    On Dec. 19 Paul Hughes, Forests Forever Executive Director, kicked off the public comments for the implementation of A.B. 1492 at a public meeting in Sacramento. Listen below (comments begin at 44:45)
    We made great headway in playing a leading role in this ongoing effort. Click here to read more about it. Thanks to all our members who attended! And thanks to the many thousands more for your supporte in this vital fight to protect California’s forests!
  7. Disturbance from Conservation Media on Vimeo.

  8. Portraits in Black from rlhutto on Vimeo.

  9. 2014 Map of remaing old growth in the US
  10. Amazing Map Shows Every Tree in the United States

  11. Interactive map of US wilderness system

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