Yet another attempt to toss out environmental protections and increase logging on national forests is under way in Congress.

The deceptively titled "Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act" (H.R. 4200) was introduced last November by Reps. Greg Walden (R-OR) and Brian Baird (D-WA). The bill would enable the U.S. Forest Service to log and build roads after forest fires, droughts, storms, and other natural disturbances while ignoring ecosystem, watershed, and wildlife protections.

Walden’s bill claims that logging is necessary after natural disturbances to help the forest recover, but scientific studies contradict this. In fact, logging may impede recovery.

The bill specifically waives National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review for logging and other potentially damaging actions, and denies citizens input on projects that would impact publicly owned forests.

The bill would divert community fire protection funds to logging projects that will not lessen the likelihood of wildfire and could well increase it.

The bill is in the House Appropriations committee now, but could move to the floor of the House soon. Many representatives have not yet made up their minds on H.R. 4200, so it is critical that we let them know this bill should be stopped.


Please let your member of Congress know about your opposition to the Walden Salvage Logging bill's attack on the national forests, science, and public participation.

To find out how to contact your representative, please go to the representatives’ websites listed at:


If you live in the district of Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA), give him a call and tell him to vote NO on H.R. 4200. Rep. Thompson has still not made up his mind on this bill, and needs to hear from his constituents that H.R. 4200 would be bad for forests, water quality, and would actually increase the risk of wildfire.

Rep. Thompson can be reached at: 202-225-3311


Dear Rep. ______________,

Rep. Greg Walden’s (R-OR) H.R. 4200, The "Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act" would throw out protections for forests, fish and wildlife in order to rush through logging on national forests after natural events such as rainstorms, fires, droughts, and windstorms.

The bill would exempt damaging logging projects from the environmental review and oversight requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act and cut the public out of decisions that would harm America’s forests.

The Walden bill claims that logging, roadbuilding and artificial replanting are necessary after natural disturbances in forests. However, according to the best available science, there is no ecologically valid need to log forests after these disturbances. Scientific studies have found that logging actually impedes restoration of forests.

This unnecessary, destructive, and costly piece of legislation should never become law. Please vote no on H.R. 4200, the Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act.


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The American Lands Alliance website has more info on the Walden bill. Visit them at:



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