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Senate Bill (SB) 1, the so-called Trump Insurance Bill, passed the California legislature with solid majorities earlier this month. Unfortunately, however, Gov. Gavin Newsom is now threatening to veto the measure.

Contact Newsom and your legislators immediately to urge him not to veto this critical environmental protection measure, and for the legislature to override his veto if he exercises it.

SB 1 says that "protections afforded to Californians under the federal environmental and labor laws and regulations [in force] as of January 2017, remain in place in the event that... Trump weakens or repeals any of those federal laws or regulations." As you know, Trump has launched an unprecedented assault on federal statutes protecting clean air and water, endangered wildlife, and much more.

Passage of SB 1 means that protections such as the Clean Water Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, and Endangered Species Act will remain in place for California even if the Trump administration guts them.

Lobbyists for Big Ag and its allies in water agencies pushed hard to defeat SB 1, but they failed. Now, however, it appears they have Newsom's ear.

If Newsom sides with the Trump administration on this important measure it would be bad for California, for Newsom politically, and for the environment.

Call or write Newsom today, urging him to hold strong against industry pressure and sign SB 1.

Contact your state legislators and tell them you want them to override any veto of SB 1 by Newsom.

Trump's assault on the health and productivity of the natural environment is unrelenting and potentially devastating. Take action to make sure he does not succeed.

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