We intend to give Napa County voters a say in saving their oaks, waters!

County officials had earlier sidelined the measure on a technicality. Now—even as some Wine Country fires still burned, in the fall of 2017—a decision had to be made to either abandon the effort, re-draft the measure and re-gather signatures, or craft another strategy for protecting the watersheds and woodlands.

Among the world's most prestigious wine-growing regions, Napa County is less distinguished for controlling the spread of vineyards onto its steep hillsides. There natural oak woodlands are being destroyed at an alarming rate, causing pollution of drinking water supplies with silt, nutrients and water-borne pathogens.

A citizen outcry in Napa County has steadily mounted in recent years, giving rise to the initiative. It would establish no-cut stream buffers to protect water quality, while limiting the destruction of oak woodlands.

Forests Forever partnered with the Napa County Water, Forest and Oak Woodland Protection Initiative in its signature-gathering push to qualify for the ballot.

Conservation and healing of forest ecosystems and watersheds has never been more urgent or important than it is at this moment in history. This initiative would provide essential environmental protections for Napa's fast-disappearing oak woodlands and their watersheds.

The measure is the product of years of discussion among a wide variety of stakeholders in Napa County, all of whom have expressed a fervent interest in finding a common-sense approach to protecting our threatened natural resources and ensuring responsible, smart development.

At this writing the measure is awaiting formal word of its qualification by the county. Then the campaign to save Napa's oak woodlands and watersheds begins in earnest!

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Forests Forever:
Their Ecology, Restoration, and Protection
John J. Berger

from Forests Forever Foundation
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