Assets contributed and other gains in tumultuous 2016!

Forests Forever for 27 years now has been the only organization that works all year long on protecting California's forests and forest wildlife through broad-based grassroots advocacy.

Every day of the week (and on more than a few weekends) Forests Forever organizers interact directly with concerned Californians, making them aware of forest challenges we face and how we can seize opportunities to undo damage already done or to prevent damage to our forestlands—and too often, to our democracy as well—by unbridled industry practices.

Our busy and highly regarded advocate Richard Gienger in 2016 traveled up and down the northern half of the state attending meetings and hearings, writing, speaking, and prodding officialdom to move the focus of decision-making toward sustainable, sensible forest management and making better use of laws already on the books.

We made big strides in 2016 in building our presence in social media. As you probably know, today NGOs that fail to connect with their audience via social media risk going unnoticed.

We started the year with about 3400 Page Likes on our Facebook page and ended the year with almost 6600, with commensurate increases in the metrics that underlie this support—engagement, reach, shares, click-throughs, etc.

Our work in 2016 took place against a backdrop of: a) a multi-year drought in California that has killed millions of trees, b) increasing impacts to forests from global warming, as well as c) the concomitant worsening of climate change brought about by unnecessary and destructive industrial logging practices such as clearcutting, d) biodiversity losses, e) a lengthening wildfire season, and more.

Debates about salvage logging and the value and rarity of post-fire snag forest habitat, about beetle infestations and their purported effects on wildfire severity, and other hot-button topics, are roiling. Studies good and bad, press reports reliable and unreliable, and op-eds are rife.

Forests Forever plays a valuable role in staying on top of these shifting sands of science and public policy debate and sorting it out for the lay citizenry.

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Forests Forever:
Their Ecology, Restoration, and Protection
John J. Berger

from Forests Forever Foundation
and the Center for American Places