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TO: Sen. Fran Pavley

SUBJECT: Congratulations on reworking S.B. 455!

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Sen. Fran Pavley
Capitol Office
State Capitol, Room 4035
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4023


Dear Sen. Pavley,

You are to be commended for reworking S.B. 455 to focus on timberland conversion mitigation!

When timber companies convert their lands for real-estate development, mining and other uses, forests and wildlife species suffer. Taking steps to mitigate the harm is a worthy effort.

I'm pleased the bill has moved away from a focus on Watershed Timber Harvest Plans while sticking to achieving a goal everyone can agree will be good for California.


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Dear Sen. Pavley,

Thanks for streamlining S.B. 455! Whereas before I was doubtful about the approach to Watershed Timber Harvest Plans, now I'm in full concurrence with your goal of mitigating timberland conversions. I realize you're a champion for the environment, and with this newly crafted version of S.B. 455 you once again proved it!


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