A California legislator is trying to put an important body overseeing off-road vehicles on public lands out of commission.

In February 2006 Assemblymember Nicole Parra (D-Hanford) introduced A.B. 2784, which would eliminate the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) commission.

The OHMVR commission was established to oversee the management of off-road vehicles (ORVs) on public lands. The commission works under the California Department of Parks and Recreation, and is funded from fuel taxes on the recreational use of ORVs, ORV registration fees, and fees collected at state recreation areas. It is an important factor in keeping ORVs from spinning out of control on our forests and parklands.

Off-road vehicles can increase soil erosion, pollute streams with gas and oil, churn meadows and streams into mud bogs, and kill or scatter wildlife. They can also cause forest fires.

"Off-road vehicle use is and always has been a potential threat to California’s forests and wildlife," said Paul Hughes, executive director of Forests Forever. "To ensure that environmental protections receive at least as much attention as the wishes of ORV users, California should keep the current commission in place."

The seats on the commission are reserved for ORV interests, biologists or soil scientists, landowners, law enforcement, environmental organizations, and nonmotorized recreation interests. Three of the commission’s seven members are appointed by the governor; two are appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules, and two by the Speaker of the Assembly.

Currently in the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife, A.B. 2784 could come to the floor of the Assembly as early as April.


Write or call your Assemblymember and urge him or her to oppose A.B. 2784 and support the renewal of the OHMVR commission.

To find contact information for your Assemblymember, visit:


Dear Assemblymember _______________ :

I urge you to oppose Assemblymember Parra’s A.B. 2784, and to renew the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation commission.

The commission affords extremely valuable legislative oversight and public input for California’s off-road vehicle recreation program.

It has helped to protect vulnerable public lands in California from degradation by uncontrolled ORV use, and protect local communities from ORV noise, air pollution, property damage, and trespassing.

Please help protect our public lands, watersheds and the quality of our recreational experience by supporting the renewal of the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation commission. Please oppose A.B. 2784.

Thank you,

Your name
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Forests Forever:
Their Ecology, Restoration, and Protection
John J. Berger

from Forests Forever Foundation
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