Speak up for salmon restoration in Battle Creek!

Clearcuts threaten Battle Creek salmon-run restoration!

Tell Gov. Brown and Secretary Laird to put a halt to the destruction!

A major salmon-restoration project being carried out along Battle Creek — a Sacramento River tributary in Shasta and Tehama counties — could be undermined by erosion, siltation and herbicide runoff from extensive forest clearcutting now occurring in the watershed west of Mt. Lassen.

Forests Forever urges letters and calls to Gov. Jerry Brown and Secretary for Natural Resources John Laird calling on them to put a halt to Sierra Pacific Industries' destructive clearcutting in the upper Battle Creek watershed.

The logging there could result in Battle Creek's newly restored salmon and steelhead spawning grounds being covered in silt and exposed to residual herbicides.

While activists still have time to prevent clearcutting by SPI from damaging the $128 million federal and state agency restoration project — which is only half completed — immediate action is needed to prevent a foreseeable catastrophe.

The much-heralded Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project, spearheaded by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, involves the removal or modification of several dams along 42 miles of Battle Creek and its tributaries. The effort is one of the last best hopes for recovery of the endangered winter run of Chinook salmon and other anadromous salmonids.

Right now your voice needs to be heard on the matter in Sacramento!

Urge Gov. Brown and Secretary Laird to recognize that SPI's invasive clearcutting could undo the hard work now being done to return salmon and steelhead populations to full health and productivity.

See project location map (PDF).
Read "Troubled waters of Battle Creek" by Matt Weiser, Sacramento Bee, June 9, 2011.


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