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Support SB 69 to Keep Logging Silt Out of Salmon Streams!

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One of the most important requirements for the successful reproduction of salmon is clean stream waters and gravel beds free of silt. The overwhelming majority of lakes and streams in California's forested regions are officially listed as "impaired" under section 303(d) of the federal Clean Water Act. The primary pollutants in these waters is silt and sediment, as well as high temperature (another kind of pollutant), and both these pollutants are primarily due to logging.

Commonsense steps can and must be taken to reduce these adverse impacts to salmon, as well as to many other living things that make up a healthy forest ecosystem.

Senate Bill 69, authored by Sen. Scott Wiener provides tools with which this goal can be effectively accomplished. They are long overdue. Please urge your lawmakers to support SB 69!


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John J. Berger

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